Having online games that you like to play in your spare time, of course, can reduce stress levels and can relieve boredom. To be able to enjoy the excitement of online games, of course, you can easily do this by downloading the game application on the Android or iOS type smartphone that you have. The game you want to get, can be owned for free. However, to download the game, you must use internet data or internet quota.

There are many types of games that you can enjoy in the form of racing games, strategy games, puzzle games, brain teasers, adventure games, guessing games, and many other categories. As recommendations and suggestions regarding the best and most interesting online games to play, you can follow the following discussion.

The most popular types of online mobile games in 2022

1. Clash Of Clans

One of the most popular Supercell games, Clash of Clans, has upgraded the game by presenting Town Hall 15 in October 2022. Of course the fans of this game have a higher enthusiasm to get the update as soon as possible. The theme for Town Hall 15 this time is magic. Because a Town Hall that is successfully destroyed will issue a spell reducing the blood of the attacking troops. For Town Halls that can be upgraded to 4 stars, of course it will strengthen the inferno rays to paralyze the attacking troops in a short time.

Of course there are some new items that you can get when you own Town Hall 15, in the form of:

- New Defense (Monolith & Spell Tower)
- New Troops (Electro Titan)
- New Pets (Diggy, Poison Lizard, Phoenix, Frosty
- New Spell (Recall Spell)
- Battle Drill Siege Machine

To be able to quickly increase defense, Town Hall, troops, Heroes, Spells, you can buy Gems or a gauge book that will finish all the work in seconds. However, it will be more fun when upgrading your Clash of Clans Town Hall with your own efforts to do battle to level up and strengthen your attack strategy so you can always get the best victory.

2. Pokemon Unite

For you Pokemon lovers, now you can enjoy the newest game called Pokemon Unite which was released in 2021. The game presented is a strategy genre where you have to defeat the opposing team by knocking down 4 towers by placing 100 poke balls in each tower. Pokemon balls can be obtained from forest monsters near the tower. Consists of 2 teams in this game with 5 players each. To win the game, you must enter as many poke balls as possible on the main tower in the opponent's nest.

Each player can choose the pokemon he wants to use freely. In order to choose the right Pokemon and be able to adjust the player's skills, you can do trainer training for each type of Pokemon available. Apart from that, you also have to adjust the supporting items to the pokemon you are using so you can get power and special skills that can paralyze your opponent's pokemon quickly. Pokemon that have been paralyzed can be reborn in less than 1 minute. Of course, this opportunity must be used effectively to insert as many poke balls as possible into the opponent's tower.

Mobile Legends

The Mobile Legends game is of course very popular and enjoyed by online game lovers because it has a resemblance to the Dota game, but has a version that is easier to play. What makes the Mobile Legends game dance is that there are attractive Hero skins in beautifying the Hero's appearance. Not infrequently the players are very loyal in buying Hero skins that are used alone or given to 1 clan friends as gifts so they can increase id levels quickly.

The game consists of 2 teams with 5 players each. To be able to win, you must destroy 5 opposing player towers. In order to play effectively, choose a hero based on the skills you have and understand the supporting items to increase the strength of the hero being played. Mobile Legends has international prestige because it is one of the games included in world tournaments. If you have reliable playing skills, there's nothing wrong with taking part in competitions that offer wins in the form of cash gains.

4. Slots Games

To find entertainment in getting rid of boredom at any free time, of course, you can rely on slot online games. There are many types of the best and most slot online gacor that offer the fun of playing without feeling bored even for a long time. There is a 15x free spin bonus that every player can have to enjoy a big opportunity to win. Every spin that is won, of course, will give gold coins as appreciation for participating in the game.

In achieving game victory, it only requires obtaining a set of twin images with a predetermined number for each type of slot being played. Some of the best types of slots that you must play are Gates of Olympus, Starlight Princess, Sweet Bonanza, Wild West Gold, Lucky Piggy, Lucky Neko, Mahjong Ways. Players can enjoy hundreds of types of slots by only registering 1 user id in the official judi slot gacor game application.

5. Game Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8 is a popular car racing game played to fill spare time so you don't get bored easily. Of course this game triggers a bit of adrenaline for the players because it has quite realistic graphic images. When using the turbo, the car will go fast so that it gives a quite tense effect. The racing cars provided certainly have a cool appearance and have various engine levels. To be able to have the best car, you can buy the supplies that are offered.

You don't need to feel doubtful or afraid that you will get bored quickly playing Asphalt 8, because there are many arenas that you can choose freely. In addition, there are missions that must be completed in order to unlock the next mission and level up your id. Of course there are winning prize offers for capital ownership of Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren and so on. There are 6 types of the coolest and best cars that you can have in this game :

- Ferrari LaFerrari

- Lamborghini Veneno

- W Motors Lykan HyperSport

- Savage Rivale GTR

- McLaren 12C Spider

- Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

Isn't it interesting for some of the game recommendations that have been submitted? That's only a small part of the game you will find from this writing. To find more of the best and other interesting games, you can search for them in the Playstore and Appstore on your smartphone. Hopefully entertained with some of the best game recommendations above.